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Evie’s Application Process

What made you want to study abroad?

The opportunities, the flexibility of quite literally choosing your own career, and the open-question type of education.

What’s the toughest part for you during the entire application process?

Mapping out what admission officers might find special while staying true to self. Being authentic can be extremely difficult but also the most crucial when you are trying to stand out among thousands.

What do you think helped you the most?

Taking necessary breaks when writing essays is the way to go. Instead of aimlessly burying yourself in endless sessions of typing, having a clear mind will most definitely give you a different (and better!) approach to your writing. 

What are some things you think you did well during the app process?

When I was choosing which school to apply early to, I found myself struggling between the choice of a mediocre school and Stanford. Since the odds of getting into Stanford was so low, I didn’t want to risk wasting my time over its application- I was intrigued by the idea of applying to a mediocre school and getting in early to save both time & money. Eventually, I convinced myself to take a leap and forget the outcome.

What’s the most regretful thing you’ve done during the process? What would you do differently?

I would’ve started my standardized testing more early. I ended up squeezing my second SAT and my 2 SAT Subjects into senior year, which piled up to the existing stress of writing essays, etc. 

What do you think soph, junior, senior students should do right now?

sophomore: 1) keep up with your grades for each and every subject- including the ones you think don’t matter, they matter! 2) if you already have a passionate field, go towards it; if you don’t, start exploring. 3) participate, participate, participate- you will certainly get something out of every experience 4) start TOEFL/SAT/ACT preparation

Junior: 1) put in full effort for both academics and extracurriculars- it’s not gonna be easy, but give it your best. 2) take the standardized testing for the first time at least. 3) start looking into different colleges.

senior: 1) take any last minute testing. 2) keep the gpa up 3) find recommenders, build a college list, brainstorm essays.

Evie Chen, Stanford ’24

Biology School Stanford University Subject

Stanford University

Why did you choose this school?

Besides the obvious- prestige, gorgeous campus, and enviable climate- there’s also the welcoming, inclusive atmosphere, top-tier location, and passionate faculty. Although having rigorous academics, with the school being an hour drive from downtown San Francisco and near some renowned skiing paradise (Lake Tahoe, etc.), student life should not be boring at all! 

What is your favorite thing about your school?

From what I’ve been through, I’d definitely say the faculty and how much effort they put in to make the online learning experience the best they could. Their enthusiasm to eagerly share what they know is almost tangible. 

What is the best memory studying at your college?

Honestly, I haven’t experienced a lot besides Zoom classes and online meetings, but the one thing I look forward to experiencing is the football games and just the residential life in general (having roommates, etc.)! 

Do you think it’s worth it?

Even with online classes, I’d say definitely! With the “Stanford” title, the school often invites big name speakers and hosts events with them. The flexibility of the curriculum* is luxury to me, growing up with a standard curriculum fixed by the Education Bureau. The variety of classes grant clueless people like me an opportunity to explore interests. The (surprisingly) non-judgemental student body offers me, a non-native English speaker, an encouraging atmosphere to speak up. 

*I know people who literally designed their own major, including the courses requirements and everything! Flexible is an understatement.

Evie Chen, Stanford ’24

Biology School Stanford University Subject

About Evie

Hello! I’m Evie Chen, a freshman at Stanford University and graduated from Taipei First Girls’ High School in June 2020. My interest (currently :D) lies in the field of cognitive science and aim to do research on babies’ behavior and addiction. Aside from academics, I am obsessed with music, ethical shopping, and anti-plastic movements. As cliché as it sounds, I aspire to make a difference in society– in what way I’m still uncertain, but aren’t we all here to figure this out? Feel free to reach out ( to talk about college applications- ask away!

Evie Chen, Stanford ’24